Our Mission


We are a team of neighbors united by the desire to help our community thrive, especially for those with the greatest need. 


We do so by building an alliance between East Valley individuals, civic advocacy groups, and nonprofits.


Together we focus our work on advocating for people experiencing homelessness by hosting educational events, volunteer opportunities, & partnering with experts in the field.

Our Vision

We serve as a bridge between civic, non profit, and activist individuals by facilitating meaningful discussions on specific, relevant topics. We are all approaching the issues around homelessness with the same motivation, but often without finding a way to co-organize next steps, or being able to meet and share important information. The EVA online meetings, which we hold several times throughout the year, are one way to engage in these conversations and support each other’s work.



We organize and host online forums that are free and open to the public, with panels consisting of those with lived experiences alongside experts in the field of being of service to unhoused communities.


We connect individuals in the East Valley to volunteer openings that have a demonstrated positive impact on our unhoused neighbors. This also includes looping individual members in on important activist opportunities that arise from time to time.


We act as a central hub of education and outreach to help individuals, activists, and organizations both network and learn more about policies and other areas of interest that affect the unhoused populations in the East Valley. Part of this includes our monthly interview videos, which are posted on the East Valley Youtube channel.

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